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Welcome to the Nation's Cup of BattleGrounds website!

June 19th, 2005
Spain Wins NCBG!!!

Spain wins in the Final Match vs Finland 3,680 - 3,500.

It was a very close and exciting match throughout the 60 minutes of play. Spain were the underdogs going into the match; They lost twice to Finland in Phase1 of the tournament on the same map. Round 1 started off as expected, Finland took control and was in the lead for most of the round. Finland was up by 800 at one point. Spain came back to win the round at the end 2260 - 2010. R2 was very close for the entire 30 minutes. Finland managed to take the lead by 300 points and hold it until the final 2 minutes. 300 points is all they needed to win the match. Then Team Spain made a strong push and managed to get an all-cap giving them a much-needed 200 points. This put them in the lead overall. Finland tried to make one final charge with a minute left but were unsuccessful. The round ended 1420 - 1490 in favor of Finland, but it wasnt enough to win.

Round1: 2,260 - 2,010
Round2: 1,420 - 1,490
Final: 3,680 - 3,500

Congratulations to Team Spain!

HLTV Demo: Spain vs Finland FINAL Match
HLTV Demo: Germany vs Finland Semi-Final Match

Thanks to all teams and the server admins who made the tournament possible!



June 15th, 2005
Last weekend's matches were a success. However, there were some time difficulties.

GMT does not change at any point during the year. However, the United States and European countries observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). Therefore, GMT changes for NA and EU players throughout the year. I did not know this, nor did any of the NA or EU players. Matches last week were actually an hour EARLIER than they were supposed to be. Team Aus and NZ were on time, but everyone else was running an hour earlier. That is why Sweden vs Aus never happened.

For this week we WILL use the correct time. I placed the correct GMT time at the top of every NCBG page. Please note the difference in time compared to your clock. Matches next week will happen an hour later than last week.

For example, USA EST timezone is GMT -4 right now, so matches next weekend will be at 2pm and 4pm EST for them. Germany is currently at GMT +2, so matches will be at 20.00 and 22.00 for them. Finland is GMT +3 currently, so matches are at 21.00 and 23.00 for them. Please make sure you are aware of the correct GMT offset for your country. More information can be found here:

Once again, matches will be an hour later than last week since we will be observing the correct GMT time.



June 11th, 2005
NCBG begins today. I was only able to aquire 1 dedicated HLTV server for matches. You can see the IP of the HLTV server and which matches it's going to be in on the Fixtures page. If there is overwhelming demand from the public to watch a particular match, then I can move the HLTV.

When spectating a match in BG via HLTV there are a few problems. First, you may not be able to see the HLTV server on the 'Spectate' tab on the Steam Server browser. You may also not be able to add it manually to your favorites and see it. If this is the case, you will have to start BG, open the console and type 'connect ip' where ip is the IP of the HLTV server. Secondly, once you enter the game, your view will be 'stuck' in place. Bring down the console and type 'spec_mode 4' and you should be able to float around. You can press Ctrl on your keyboard to bring up the HLTV menu (hopefully). You can chat normally, but only other spectators on HLTV will be able to see your text.

Good Luck to all teams.



June 8th, 2005
The Fixtures have been changed. Team Australia and Team New Zealand can't play on Sunday because that is actually early Monday morning for them and they have school, work, etc. In addition, the 18.00GMT matches are very early morning (~6.00). Therefore, their matches have all been moved to Saturday and two of those matches will take place at 22.00 GMT. They are scheduled to share one AU server and switch between rounds. If NCBG obtains another server in the region, then they will each use a different server to avoid conflict.

This should be the final version of the fixtures assuming there are no huge problems with it.



June 6th, 2005
Rosters are now closed. No changes will be allowed. NCBG is still looking for 2 more EU servers for this weekend. Please contact me ASAP if you are able to provide. If I am away, leave me a message. Just give me a FTP login and that's all I'll need.

Teams will also have to decide on tags they will wear in the match. They must be relevent to the country in some way. A simple tag such as [USA] for example is fine, but you could get more creative. There are some examples here. I will not be recording tags anywhere on the site, but teams should not change their tag during the tournament. In addition, players are expected to use their real nicknames/aliases during matchplay, preferably the name they used to sign up for NCBG.

The maps on the Fixtures have been finalized. The only custom map is bg_newengland_bgl which you can download from here. There has also been a change in the Rules. There will be no point system in Phase 1 anymore. The scoring will work the same as Phase 2. Most points across both rounds will win the match (like BGL). Teams with the best records in their division will move on. In case of a tie, the same conditions will be used as before (clan vs clan and then point difference).

It is likely all Aus and NZ matches will be rescheduled earlier, so if you are playing on one of these teams or against one of these teams, please check here often for updates.



June 4th, 2005
Rosters close today. There will be no changes allowed to any team's roster at the end of today. If you are a team leader make sure you have enough people on your country's team. Better to have a few more players than not enough!


May 30th, 2005
Some team leaders have not been contacting their team to schedule team tryouts. Time is running short, people. Rosters will be locked after next weekend. Tryouts and organization of teams need to happen NOW. Leaders who have not been making an effort to do their job will be removed Wednesday and replaced with someone else. If you have not heard from your leader yet, please contact me.

Belgium and Italy do not have many free agents available. Their leaders should recruit all those players to the country team by default, as the other smaller countries have already done.


May 27th, 2005
The rules and fixtures have been posted.

NCBG will need 3 EU servers, 1 NA server, and 1 AU server for the tournament. NCBG admins will need full rcon access. FTP access is preferred as well, but not absolutely required. Please contact me if you are willing to give up your server for two weekends.



May 23rd, 2005
Leaders have been assigned. If you are a leader and do not see leader options on your team's page, you have to logout and log back in. Here are the leaders for each team:

Australia: Draco

Belgium: YeeHaa

Denmark: Sakl

Finland: Pieru

Germany: Genesis

Italy: Cornwllis

New Zealand: Mr_Fossy

Spain: Rundstedt

Sweden: Dallan

UK: Suicidal Tendencies

USA: blah

All leaders should be able to see e-mail address of players from their country. They should try to find a server to hold tryouts on, figure out a few tryout dates (3 at least and at least 1 on the weekend) and email all players from their country with the info.

You should have at least 6 people on your team and at most 10. If the players you recruit are extremely reliable, then you should go with 6-8 players. If you are unsure try for 8-10. If you are a leader of a country with less than 8 players, you will probably be better off just recruiting everyone who signed up automatically, but hold tryouts/practices anyways to discuss strategy.

Leaders of the 'bigger' countries are encouraged NOT to add anyone to their roster until they hold a few tryouts for the sake of fairness. If leaders from these countries quickly add 6 people before holding any tryouts, they will have their leadership removed. Leaders who do not give people a fair chance will be removed.

In addition to emailing the members, you should also consider as a leader to make a post on the forums, the BGL forums, or contact me with the date/time/server/pass of the tryouts and I will post it on this site.



May 21st, 2005
I will go over the timeline for the tournament so everyone knows what is going on

May 22: Voting Closes, leaders assigned. Players may still register and join teams, however.

May 23-June 5: Leaders contact country members by email and hold at least 3 (three) tryouts. It is their responsibility to contact players, obtain a server for practice, and make a team. Rules will be finalized, groups randomly decided, fixtures/schedule posted, and map list revealed.

June 5: Rosters are locked. No members will be allowed to be added or deleted from teams.

June 6-10: Teams are encouraged to practice together and form strategies for NCBG maps.

June 11-12: Phase 1 of the tournament. Teams in groups will fight each other. Clans losing their groups are elminated from the tournament.

June 18: Phase 2. Quarter finals. 4 clans will remain at the end of the day.

June 19: Semi-finals and Finals. Champion of NCBG will be crowned by the end of the day.

The next news update will reveal the Leaders from each country. If you don't want to be leader, please contact me ASAP in IRC and I will assign the player with the 2nd most votes.


May 19th, 2005
It's time to get things underway. The format of the tournament will have to change since there aren't as many teams ready as I hoped for.

All voting must be completed by this Sunday, May 22nd. Leaders will be assigned Sunday night.

Then, leaders will have 3 weeks to organize teams and get ready for the tournament.

NCBG will start on June 11th 2005. Fixtures/schedules will be made available after leaders are assigned to teams. Regardless, the final match of the tournament should take place on Sunday June 19th, 2005 in the evening.

Leaders will have access to the email addresses of the players from their country. They will then email everyone from their country with the dates of country tryouts. Make sure the email address you signed up with is correct! You can change it by logging in to your account.


May 16th, 2005
Players signed up under Scotland have been moved to the UK so there are enough players for a Team. Change your votes if needed.

A lot of people have not placed a vote for the leader of their country. Please do so as soon as possible.


May 13th, 2005
We are still accepting new players. We need more players from the smaller countries. Make sure you login and Vote for a leader for your country as soon as possible

Team USA West and Team USA East have been merged into Team USA. There are many players in the USA, but not many have signed up, and I believe a good team of 8 could be chosen without leaving many good players out. Everyone's vote from Team USA has been reset. Please vote again.


May 11th, 2005 Update #2
I added a mechanism for players to vote for who they want to be their country's leader. Login above and click the 'Vote for Team Leader' link. You can change your vote if you want. So if you change your mind or a new free agent signs up that you feel would be a better leader, then you can change your vote. Voting will remain open for a week or longer (no rush), depending how long it takes to get more teams ready. If there is an overwhelming majority vote for one player, then there will be 1 leader for that team. If the vote is split between 2 or 3 players, then they all will be leaders for their country.

Your login is the name you signed up as. If you forgot your password, contact me. I will reset it.


May 11th, 2005
We only need a few more teams to have enough to start the tournament. Hopefully within the week there will be enough players to form 12 teams. If this is the case, a lot of work is to be done. First, leaders for teams will have to be decided. This will last a week at the most. Then, the leaders will have to hold tryouts to recruit their country's team. NCBG will give leaders 1 or 2 weeks to do this. They should hold at least 3 tryout sessions so everyone has a chance.

Assuming all this is done, NCBG will last 2 weekends of June. Perhaps June 11/12 and June 18/19. Maybe a week before or a week later than that. BGL matches will be postponed for the tournament since a lot of players will be busy.

There isn't much more happening at this point, we just need to wait for more people to sign up for NCBG so we have more teams in the tournament. Once we get enough people, things will move quickly. Site will be updated, rules drafted, admins appointed, etc. All the specifics of the tournament (rules, times, dates, servers, etc, etc) will be finalized as leaders are chosen and they pick their teams. But if you want a general idea, please read the forums thread about NCBG and previous news items below.


May 10th, 2005
We are a little past halfway to our goal of 12 clans. Genesis pointed out that the UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland. However, all those countries AND the UK are choices as countries in the signup form. One or the other should be there :P If there aren't enough players from the individual countries that sign up, they will be merged together as the 'UK' to make a team. Any players that signed up as UK and want to change to their specific country, contact me and I'll change it.

I have updated the player and team pages slightly. Now all SteamID's are links. The links are to BG Tracker results for that particular SteamID. This makes it easier to look up information on players.


May 9th, 2005
I've decided to write here once a day to keep everyone informed on the state of NCBG. At thi1s point, I'm not doing much more work with programming the site. I want to make sure that NCBG will definitely happen before I do too much work. However, I am still interested in finalizing a design for the site so it doesn't look so plain and boring. If someone is good with web design and is good with HTML/CSS, please contact me in #bgl on QuakeNet or GameSurge on IRC. Or you can email me at 'demodevil5 AT yahoo DOT com'.

On the main page I added a chart of countries with how many players have signed up from each country. The red line is between countries with greater than 6 players and those with less. After the drafting process, all countries should have at LEAST 6 players, preferably 8, and maybe even 12 depending on how available the players will be. If you know for sure the same 4 people can show up to every match, then 6 will be enough. If you know some won't be able to make it some days or you want to sub players out between rounds depending on the map, then you should have 8 or so.

Essentially we need 12 countries to be above that red line. Countries with only 6 people will probably not have a draft process. Everyone from the country gets to be on the team. Countries with a lot of players will need leaders assigned, they will have to hold tryouts, and then a country team is drafted from the free agents. Then I will worry about finalizing rules, appointing referees, and finishing up some website programming. The country tryout/draft process will last about 2 weeks. Then all rosters will be locked and NCBG will probably start the following weekend.

Countries will be split into 4 groups. Each clan will play against the other clans in their group. This is 'phase 1'. This will be done on the first weekend. The top 2 teams from each group will move on to the quarter finals in 'phase 2'. Phase 2 is a standard tournament bracket. Top clan of Group 1 will play the 2nd place clan of group 4, etc. Winner of the match will move on to the semi-finals, then the winner will play in the finals against the other semi-final. Then we will have a NCBG winner :) 'Phase 2' should be completed the next weekend and the champion crowned Sunday night. HLTV servers will be available for all the Phase 2 matches, so everyone can watch these matches.


Match Results

Saturday June 11

G2: Germany over Belgium (9,970 - 580)
G4: Finland over Spain (5,240 - 2,600)
G1: Sweden vs Australia (No Result)
G2: Germany over Italy (7,400 - 2.030)
G3: UK over New Zealand (7,870 - 1,490)
G1: USA over Australia (5,300 - 2,450)
G3: New Zealand over Denmark (4,880 - 2,810)

Sunday June 12

G1: USA over Sweden (3,260 - 2,870)
G2: Belgium over Italy (3,760 - 2,890)
G3: UK over Denmark (4,640 - 2,310)
G4: Finland over Spain (4,540 - 2,070)

Saturday June 18

QF1: Spain over USA (3,150 - 1,080)
QF2: Germany over Sweden (4,575 - 2,015)
QF3: UK over Belgium (Forfeit)
QF4: Finland over New Zealand (Forfeit)

Sunday June 19

SF1: Spain over UK (4,660 - 2,900)
SF2: Finland over Germany (4,670 - 3,210)

FINAL: Spain over Finland (3,680 - 3,500)

Official IRC Channels: #ncbg on GameSurge and QuakeNet

NCBG Head Admin and Founder: Slash
NCBG Logo: Alager

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