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Free Agents Signed Up for NCBG (67)

Vampire BelgiumI'll defend my home country with honor
Pep0rz xd
2drunk2funk USAFormer //GaR// member co-founder of The Anti-Christ Dream Team
XimaX NetherlandsFighting for the Netherlands!!
Q-No Germany
gun USA~Reject~ Clan Leader
Magical Trevor USAGo USA
Moltar USAI just wanted to be trendy.
derv USAlove the game, member of ArrowLAN
^^ Germany^^
Siberian Penguin USA( * v * )
DaMN USAi am a BG-holic
exo'xD Germanyfu
Ashes USAi'm really really good
Kweid FinlandVihaa
bAsE GermanyHELLO
AzNLoVaBoy! USAnone
pinecone USA
Capt.Krunchy USA
sanctis USAWord up, yo.
Sapphire USAI like fat kids!
Kurotora Finland
whiMp-besT GermanyIch habe euch nix zu sagen! ;)
Draft^ FinlandMember of *ViHa* , Draft^ in irc.
smg-Slayer Finland*ViHa* Hevay-Lehmae
K@ZaAm GermanyWell i play that game longer then 1 year and everybody know so not important to write much ;)
cube-n USAFormer Clans: All of Them
TheNew GermanyLeader [TMP], Faf, TMP-FAF, AE
KillerĀ§ USA~)DiGA)~
McCarney SpainPos na aski stoy
hothgremlin AustriaWEHA :D
Jonathan Germanyplz delete this account...thank you!
CrazyManiac USA+]3D[+Member
Sasuke FinlandMember of G.o.W , VrK @ irc
+]3D[+DEATH USALeader of 3D
zork SwedeneAR @ #clan.ear
MasterYoda Canada+]3D[+MasterYoda=WTF
Rain USA+]3D[+ Co-Leader/Sec of War
SilentBee FinlandGoWin legenda ;)
kuje Finlandkuha kujeilen ViHa:ssa
JagerWiren Finlandsomekind of leader in clan *ViHa*
LuCky Loser FinlandMember of [Independence], LuCky_Loser in irc
Okaloosa USAFounder of ~)DiGA(~.
JoeSmo USA
Buschwacker USA~)DiGA(~ Clan Leader
Eugine Croatia
Subfreq Germany[Paradigma] member, former member of [JMA] | FOR PARADIGMA!!!
Schnee GermanyCo-Leader of GoD
SHeetz USA3D member, previous clans: WNx, RR,RR-SoL, 13th
Gravedigger GermanyFOR PARADIGMA!!!!!!!
BattleMaster GermanyEx-JMA Member, Ex-2IR Leader,Ex-Member and later Leader SoI,now in bON$E
Paper Boy USA+]3D[+
Krustentier Germanyex-leader SoI, former TsW, former GoW, currently leadr of #O`wb
naG FinlandMember of G.o.W naG^^ @ irc
jackx Germanyex-KRR; ex-some-other-clans; no time to play, sorry. :(
TeBe FinlandJuukelis Puukelis.
darky Germany
Plexi FinlandMember of gow, Dragon eye in irc
Meggi Switzerland
GrAnTeLbArT Germanycurrently in the clan [Independence]; former G.R.I. member and leader
Des USAF.U. Member , Former XsV member AIM= Des 0603
Peiff USAI am a referee
Slash USAPast Clans: [SFB]. Founder of: BGL, BGSE, BGTracker, and NCBG

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