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NCBG Rules

I. General Rules

Teams in NCBG are national teams only. Players must have been born in the country they wish to play for or are currently living there. If a player is found to be playing on a team who doesn't satisfy these rules, the team will forfeit the match. If you have a choice between countries (born in UK, but living in Germany), you are only allowed to choose one. When you register for NCBG, you get the choice and that choice is then final.

II. League Format

NCBG play is divided into 2 (two) 'phases'. Each phase lasts one weekend. Therefore, the entire NCBG event lasts only two weekends. Every match consists of 2 rounds on the same map. Every match is to be played 4v4.

Phase 1: Group Stage

In this phase, all teams are randomly placed into 4 groups. Each team will fight every other team in their Group. The top two teams from each group will move on to Phase 2.

The winner of each match is determined by the higher combined point score between the two rounds. This means if you lose one round by a small number of points, but win the other by a lot, you will win the match.

The 2 teams with the best record move on to the next phase. In the event that two (or more) teams have the same record in a group, we use the following factors (in order) to determine who moves on:

1) Team vs Team results. Whoever won the matchup will be chosen

2) Capture Points Difference. Capture Points Scored - Capture Points Against. Whoever has the bigger number will be chosen to move on.

Phase 2: Single Elimination Tournament

In this phase, if a team loses a match, they are eliminated. The tournament bracket is as follows:

Quarter Finals (Second Saturday of NCBG)
(Q1) Winner Group 1 vs. Runner Up Group 4
(Q2) winner Group 2 vs. Runner Up Group 1
(Q3) winner Group 3 vs. Runner Up Group 2
(Q4) winner Group 4 vs. Runner Up Group 3

Semi Finals (Second Sunday of NCBG)
(S1) Winner Q1 vs. Winner Q3
(S2) Winner Q2 vs. Winner Q4

Finals (Second Sunday of NCBG)
S1 Winner vs. S2 Winner

At the end of the second sunday, an NCBG Champion will be crowned. In this Phase, the team with the most capture points after both rounds will be the winner. There are no draws.

III. Server Rules

Matches are played on official NCBG Servers. NCBG Admins will have complete control over the servers. The configuration file will be similar to the BGL configuration file. Important settings are:

- Friendly Fire ON
- Limit of 1 'Commander' and 'Sniper' class per team
- Timelimit 30

Servers will be changed between rounds if the two teams playing are from different continents. The fixtures will make clear to the teams which servers will be used and when. For example, if Team USA plays Team Germany, one round is to be held on an European server, and one round is to be held on a North American server.

Referees (Refs) will run every NCBG match. They will have full rcon access and monitor the match for problems. Players who break the rules or who are abusive in one way or another will first be warned, then kicked and banned from the server. This will not result in the replay of the match- the team will have to bring another player into the game quickly. The player will not be allowed back into the server for the rest of the match and further action may be taken by the admins afterwards.

IV. Match Rules

Matches are two rounds of 30 minutes each. A 5 minute break time is allowed between rounds. In this time teams will switch servers (if nessesary) and substitute players if they wish. Every match must be 4v4. Teams are encouraged to have backup players on IRC, Voicecomms, etc to be able to join the game if another player has connection problems.

There are no spectators allowed in any NCBG matches. Only NCBG Refs and a single official NCBG HLTV server will be allowed in the server with the two teams. If a team isn't on the server 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, the Ref may rule a forfeit for the other team.

V. Cheating and Exploiting

NCBG does not tolerate cheating. Any player caught cheating will be banned and all rounds in which he played will be forfeitted.

Exploiting the map or game is also not allowed. It is up to NCBG Admins to determine what is and what is not an exploit. If unsure, ask an admin.

note: Crouch Stabbing and Point Blanking are not considered cheats nor exploits.

VI. Player Behavior

Players and teams are expected to represent their country in a sportsmanlike manner. Lame behavior will not be tolerated. Using public chat (mm1) to spam or insult the other team will result in the player being banned. Do not use mm1 unless important information needs to be communicated to a Ref.

VII. Conclusion

Refs are expected to act without bias and enforce the rules. However if you feel they are not doing their duty as a Ref, please contact the Head Admin (Slash). All Head Admin decisions are final and will override any Ref or Admin ruling. Players or teams trying to circumvent these rules to gain an advantage or act in an unsportsmanlike manner will be dealt with harshly.

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