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Team Germany

LDR. GenesisSTEAM_0:0:2998871|GoD| Clanleader,former [JMA] Member and [SEG] Co-Leader, RGL Admin, BGT Admin, CN Admin
Blue__$kySTEAM_0:1:3748927one of the Founder from [Independence]-Clan, former bON$E Member
Commander JamesSTEAM_0:0:3950425K!Ng h4Xx ?!
RubberSoulSTEAM_0:1:3371331former co-leader of TsW, former Leader of SoI, Leader of #O`wb ( <3 TsW)
GoldenNeonSTEAM_0:1:3021691FoR Danny The DoG !
StartrooperSTEAM_0:1:564534former Co-Leader of DID | former Leader of 2IR | Honour member of O'wb | Nearly everyone white who I am :)
CorleoneSTEAM_0:0:3107485ich sag nur: " Quotenpolake!" xD

Free Agents Available to play for this Team (16)
GrAnTeLbArTSTEAM_0:1:604766currently in the clan [Independence]; former G.R.I. member and leader
jackxSTEAM_0:1:202615ex-KRR; ex-some-other-clans; no time to play, sorry. :(
KrustentierSTEAM_0:1:3095749ex-leader SoI, former TsW, former GoW, currently leadr of #O`wb
BattleMasterSTEAM_0:1:3529101Ex-JMA Member, Ex-2IR Leader,Ex-Member and later Leader SoI,now in bON$E
GravediggerSTEAM_0:1:3801371FOR PARADIGMA!!!!!!!
SchneeSTEAM_0:0:1391782Co-Leader of GoD
SubfreqSTEAM_0:0:1742259[Paradigma] member, former member of [JMA] | FOR PARADIGMA!!!
JonathanSTEAM_0:1:2345plz delete this account...thank you!
TheNewSTEAM_0:1:277070Leader [TMP], Faf, TMP-FAF, AE
K@ZaAmSTEAM_0:1:3636829Well i play that game longer then 1 year and everybody know so not important to write much ;)
whiMp-besTSTEAM_0:0:772350Ich habe euch nix zu sagen! ;)

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