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Team Australia

LDR. DracoSTEAM_0:0:2115079I'm in the Australian Legionaires clan (- Al -|) for fossy's ausbgl.
StrontiumDogSTEAM_0:1:1424879bs run comp no room for rescheduling matches is just sad
SydSTEAM_0:1:4988911Leader of Octopus Zebra in the ausbg league
dishwasherloveSTEAM_0:0:3401088RGJ fo life'
BJFGSTEAM_0:1:7179042Octopus Zebra in the AusBG league
ForKSTEAM_0:0:2330754bahah I laugh at Syd
warpolSTEAM_0:0:2264699Australias Royal Green Jackets!
slartibartfastSTEAM_0:1:3924530tra la la
TeeTHSTEAM_0:1:3401230Co-Leader of DownUnder
IsSaSTEAM_0:1:688686DownUnder Co-Leader

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There are no Free Agents Available for this Team!

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