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Team Denmark

LDR. SaklSTEAM_0:0:1831908Founder of TNM and|
hmrvillenSTEAM_0:1:3102663former gamer in c4urself! and justified, now playing in
SenderSTEAM_0:1:1598704Member of the clan [bON$E]. Kicked from the team. Reason: no Microphone.
MenZa^STEAM_0:0:1185687 - BG Veteran
MrZSTEAM_0:0:1249801Ehm?! DK 4 Ever! :D
Søren NielsenSTEAM_0:1:42094ROFL :)

Free Agents Available to play for this Team (0)
There are no Free Agents Available for this Team!

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